Hello! I’m Dr. Chen.

Dr. Gloria Chen graduated from Northwestern University Dental School with her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and has been in practice for over 30 years. In addition to her training as a dentist, she has also completed many years of training from UPLEDGER Institute and has extensive knowledge in craniosacral therapy. You can find out more about her training by visiting the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP) website!

Dr. Chen’s conscious, holistic approach to dentistry comes from her many years of mind, body and spiritual training.

Dr. Chen keeps herself current with new advancements in dentistry through continuing education courses, study groups and other dental-related meetings.


Over 30 Years of Experience!

Dr. Chen has over 30 years of experiencing in providing top-quality holistic dentistry. She takes a conscious approach to your oral health in order to provide care that will help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health while also promoting a healthier overall quality of life. When you visit Dr. Chen, you can count on being in good hands.

Mind, Body, and Spiritual Training


Dr. Chen takes the time to help you feel at ease, paying close attention to your oral health needs to ensure you receive personalized care.

Trustworthy & Attentive

Dr. Chen focuses on your dental health and general well-being, examining all aspects of your life to help you achieve and enjoy the smile you want!

Holistic Approach

Dr. Chen completed many years of mind, body and spiritual training in order to provide holistic care that enhances your quality of life!

Fun Fact About Dr. Chen
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