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As part of our commitment to improving and preserving the health of your mouth and body, we offer TMJ treatments in Chicago, Illinois. A temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, does involve problems with the cartilage in your jaw joint, but the effects may be felt throughout your body, as can be seen in cranial cervical and cranial mandibula disorders. Our dentist can help resolve your TMJ issues through addressing problems with the muscles and nerves in your body and not just your jaws.

What Is TMJ Treatment?

The temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to your skull. Stress, arthritis, trauma or teeth grinding can create stress in the cartilage of your jaws. Dr. Gloria Chen can explain how TMJ issues can impact your ability to speak and even breathe as you should. Dr. Chen uses advanced technology to diagnose the exact location and nature of your issue. Dr. Chen adjusts the nerves and muscles in your jaw and even the bones in your skull that contribute to a TMJ disorder.

Dr. Chen will work with your body to naturally help you find relief. This treatment can include craniosacral therapy and other holistic approaches. We can help you address issues such as:

  • Popping, clicking or grinding sounds and sensations when you move your jaw
  • Problems opening or closing your mouth to speak and eat
  • A jaw that locks or becomes stuck
  • Headaches and pain in your neck, ears or shoulders

You no longer have to live with the discomfort and inconvenience of TMJ. You can look younger and experience improved general health. You may even find yourself speaking and breathing with greater ease and clarity. Call Chicago Holistic Dentistry at 312-280-2299 or text us at 312-890-6968 today.



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