Our dentist, Dr. Gloria Chen, has been changing smiles and lives through holistic dentistry in Chicago, Illinois. You can read reviews from our patients below to learn how they have reached their full smile potential and achieved better health through their visits to Chicago Holistic Dentistry. We invite you to visit us on social media to tell us about your visit. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chen, call us at 312-280-2299 or send us a text at 312-890-6968. We will be happy to meet with you to talk about the potential treatments that can make a difference in your life.

“...a healer through and through.”
- Melissa H.
Dr. Chen is so much more than a dentist. She is a healer through and through. Her wisdom and intuition never cease to amaze me. She treats the whole body, not just the mouth and not just the symptoms. You have to see her!!!
“...special, passionate, and an excellent dentist.”
- Patrick C.
Dr. Gloria Chen is one of the few dentists I've experienced that takes the time to listen and observe all that's going on with her patient's life in order to help assist her in determining complete oral care. She is passionate about being a dentist but is also expert in how the muscles of the jaw and face work together and effect the patient's bite and oral health. Dr Chen is conservative and will only perform a corrective procedure if needed and as her patient, I appreciate this. One of many pieces of advice recently provided was a special toothbrush called a Rotadent. This brush is a game changer, virtually removing all plaque from my teeth. It works differently from the Oral B or Sonic Care. Dr Chen is special, passionate and an excellent dentist.
“Very friendly staff...”
- D.W.
Very friendly staff and Dr.Chen is very nice and takes her time to explain things to you. I felt very relaxed.
“...excellent, compassionate, and quality care...”
- Thomas
I have been a client of Chicago Holistic Dentistry for over 27 years. I moved to Ireland in 2002 and I still return to CHD for the excellent, compassionate and quality care I receive from them. Gentle dentistry, inclusive space and welcoming, knowledgeable and thoughtful professionals. A trip home isn’t complete without a visit to the best dentists I’ve ever known. Their work is exceptional!
“...I look forward to more success...”
- Michael.
Since I 've started visiting Dr Gloria Chen, I feel much better. My sleep is better. Upon waking up I don't feel drained like I used to. Dr. Chen was magnanimous enough to explain the facial structure and musculoskeletal component. Once this was explained, I was able to see how her plan would work for me. Natural dentistry is the best approach for success. My journey isn't over yet. In the future, I look forward to more success to look my best thanks to Dr Chen and her staff.
“...always a joy to come and see her.”
- Barbara C.
I recommend Dr Chen's office. Is always a joy to come and see her. She is very knowledgable.
“...enhanced the quality of my life.”
- Gazi Mashal.
Hello Dr Chen.I decided to write you a note to tell you how happy I am with the work you had done on my teeth. Let me also say how thankful I am that my friend David gave me your Number. For 2 years I had not enjoyed eating a meal. I was driving my wife crazy complaining at the diner table. Thanks to you I now enjoy eating and I no longer complain. My wife is relieved and she actually decided to make an appointment with you. I am a simple man and may not understand all the medical terminology.Whatever you did in building my teeth and adjustment you made in my mouth has enhanced the quality of my life. I can’t thank you enough. Not only will you be be dentist for as long as I live,now you are also my family dentist as well. Thanks again.
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