Holistic dentistry supports the body’s natural abilities of self-healing.

How We Are Different

A Different Approach

We think differently when it comes to dental care. When you visit us, we will not only treat your oral health but also look at your general well-being.

Achieving Wholeness Is Our Goal

We examine all aspects of your life, from your smile to your posture, emotional health and even your breathing in order to help you achieve wholeness.

Redefining Holistic Dentistry

Along with her dental and medical training, Dr. Chen has also received in-depth education in innovative and holistic ways of treating health issues.

Mind & Body Working Together

Dr. Chen’s unique approach helps you change negative behaviors, breathing and mindset to give you a healthier smile and more balanced life.

Not Just Your Smile

Holistic care is not just about your smile. This personalized care can improve your balance, speech and vision, and it may even relieve headaches and depression!

Feel Good

Look Even Better

Are you ready for a new approach to dentistry? With our holistic approach, you can improve not just your smile but your life. Dr. Gloria Chen sees more than just your smile, and she will help you seek out the emotional, mental and even behavioral factors that affect your health, giving you a whole-body approach that will give you a beautiful smile as well as a healthier life. Contact us today to find out more!

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