Dental Crowns

Could Your Smile Use a Crown?

A dental crown may be the smile solution you have been looking for! Our dentist can use a crown for a number of different purposes to improve your appearance and dental health. Crowns can be made out of different materials, and because every smile is different and no person’s needs are the same as another’s, your oral health will determine the type of crown Dr. Gloria Chen will use for your treatment. Dr. Chen is looking forward to meeting you and discussing your treatment options. To make your appointment for a dental crown in Chicago, Illinois, contact 312-280-2299 or text our office at 312-890-6968.

Why Should You Get a Crown?

When it comes to your smile, the greatest concern that Dr. Chen and our team have is for your overall health. We will spend the time necessary to help you understand your options and may even suggest an option that you may not have considered. Also sometimes called a “cap,” a crown completely covers your tooth all the way down to the gumline to protect and preserve it. Dr. Chen will remove the tooth enamel and take an impression of your tooth in order to create a crown that will fit your smile perfectly.

Crowns are extremely versatile and can be used to address not just restorative problems but also cosmetic issues and can help preserve the health of your smile. You may be surprised at the number of uses for a dental crown, and they may include:

  • Protecting a tooth that has had a root canal treatment
  • Supporting a severely damaged tooth or a tooth with a very large filling
  • Protecting a dental implant
  • Holding a dental bridge in place
  • Improving the appearance of a severely discolored tooth

At Chicago Holistic Dentistry, we are dedicated to preserving not just the beauty of your smile and face but your oral and overall well-being. Our dental work is designed to restore your youth and vitality as it complements the shape of your face. Contact our office today to plan your visit.



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